1. Full-Stack Development

    A frequently trafficked webapp for purchasing tokens and analyzing ICO statistics. Utilizes React, Redux, Docker, GraphQL, Web3, and the ShapeShift API.

    Referenced in Forbes.
    Shared frequently on Reddit.

  2. Front-End Development

    An animation and analytics heavy micro-site promoting Porsche's spring sportscar lineup, overseen by Cramer-Krasselt and The Uprising Creative. Utilizes React, React Router, Redux Sagas, PostCSS, and GreenSock.

  3. Full-Stack Development

    A webapp for starting and sharing collaborative playlists with friends overseen by Cornerstone and The Uprising Creative. Utilizes Node, MongoDB, React, Redux, SCSS, and the Spotify API.

    Featured in TechCrunch.

  4. Full-Stack Development

    A blog-embedded interactive piece that allows a user to scrub through over a thousand photos tied to time-stamped biometric data. Overseen by Studio 424 and The Uprising Creative. Utilizes jQuery, SASS, and the FitBit API.

    Featured in Nike News.

  5. Back-End Development

    A conceptual interactive webapp for algorithmically generating music. Overseen by The Uprising Creative. Utilizes Node, MongoDB, Ampersand, Web Audio, Canvas, and the Twitter API.

    Featured in Pitchfork and Stereogum.